Chromebook Login Credentials

  • Chromebook users must use a “” account to log in.
  • Chromebook usernames are the same as the Marion Domain username (The username you log in at school with)  ie. If you log into school with the username John.doe then your Chromebook username is:
  • If you change your password for the  Windows computers at school, your new password will also update your Chromebook password.
  • To log out of your Chromebook, click on your picture in the lower right hand corner and choose “Sign Out”.

Chromebook Navigation

  • “Right click” on a Chromebook is a 2 finger tap (pointer and middle finger).
  • The “Launcher” (Magnifying glass key/icon) displays apps installed on your Chromebook.
  • The “Home” button (to the left of  the address bar) should take your school’s home page.
  • The “Shelf” at the bottom of your desktop is similar to a Windows “Taskbar”.
  • Open applications will be available here.
  • You can add a frequently used apps to the shelf for easy access.


  • Many apps including VMware Horizon Client and Microsoft web apps are preinstalled on your Chromebook.
  • The “Webstore” is the primary location for finding and installing additional apps and extensions.
  • Faculty can install any app or extension from the Webstore.
  • Students are restricted to only install apps from the “for:” page of the webstore.
  • Any apps faculty would like added to the “for:” Webstore for student access should be submitted to your Principal to be put in the work order system. These apps can be permanently added to our Webstore.


Saving Shared Files for Offline Use

  • While online open or use the Google Drive extension
  • Navigate to and select “Shared with me”
  • Drag the file(s) to “My Drive” or right click and select “Add to My Drive”
  • Open File Manger
  • Select “My Drive” in the left column and you will see your files on the right
  • Select the file(s), right click, and select  “Available offline”.

Chromebook Updates

  • When updates are ready for your Chromebook, you will see an arrow pointing up in the lower right hand corner. Click it to restart your Chromebook and complete the update.

Kiosk Apps and Online Testing

  • To enter a kiosk app such as the “AIR secure browser”, users must sign completely out of the Chromebook, and click Apps in the lower left corner to select the appropriate Kiosk app.

Cloud Based OS

  • Bookmarks, installed apps & extensions, shelf, settings, wallpaper, sync between Chromebooks.
  • You can have access to all synced items by logging into Google Chrome with your account on any computer.
  • “My Drive” seamlessly integrates your “Drive” web storage into your Chromebook.